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Solid (feat. Solace & Brice Blanco)

from by Eros

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And I never
Never wanna be without you

[Verse One - Brice Blanco]
Ok do me a solid
Tell me why you gotta be a tease when I got it
Ok do me a solid
Ain't no holding back girl the evening upon us
Shock the masses
Got school got work but you rock with fashion
Mahogany in the sun like you God and magic
Got me wondering who- who the fuck your mom and dad is
This how it usually works when I hang with you
I lose my words now my language mute
I soon return from my daze and poof
You gone Gucci skirt and the ankle boots
See see I pay attention to thing or two
Had a vision about a vision got meta in a jiffy
It was set up in a setting where I settled in the city
Looked deeper in the thread it was thread and you was stitching
I ain't talking about the clothing yeah your head I got you itching
Never mind I'm tripping
Never mind I get it
Let it align and live it if it sounds like it means
But to me it was bound so it seems
Get it how you live it when you out on the scene
Minute after minute 'round the clock you the queen
Spin around the city hear the sounds of the street
I think it was bound what you think?

[Hook - Solace]
And I never
And I never
And I never
Never wanna be without you

[Verse Two - Eros]
Nobody ever talked to me
Really talked to me about love
Seen it all in a box
Pictures change and I'm still tryna find out

Why I'm so blind I'm lost in all the contradiction
Bridge between the planets changed my goals so quickly
Vivid idea vanish in a never ending whirlwind

Skin kissed by apollo
Eyes brown as the leaves when the fall shows
The chariot is on the way
Winter's 'round the corner
Time is getting shorter

Persephone I couldn't save
But I can't let you walk away

[Outro - Bobby Earth]
Oh oh oh... (ahhh...)
(repeat until end of song)


from Stratus, released April 19, 2017



all rights reserved


Eros Houston, Texas

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